Most router manufacturer’s firmware doesn’t support phone tethering. But there’s 1 exception to that rule…


And every single ASUS router that runs their awesome ASUSWRT firmware is capable of tethering to your 3g/4g phone and sharing it’s data connection (android only).

The only other firmware’s that support tethering are OpenWRT and DD-WRT. The problem? These aren’t stock (manufacturer-installed) firmware. You have to ‘root’ your router and flash the firmware yourself, which comes with the risk of ‘bricking’ your router (breaking the software so it won’t turn on or work properly).

Pricing: ASUSWRT routers start around $80 and run in the the $300’s, so they aren’t cheap. But most people won’t need or want the true top-end line. Our absolute favorite ASUS router is the RT-AC68U, which currently costs around $150 on Amazon.

It’s the perfect blend of affordability and power, and it’s one I use personally. We run a VPN server, VPN client, home cloud server, and have over 20 connected devices with no problems whatsoever.

Other great ASUSWRT routers:

We wrote an entire guide with our favorite ASUSWRT routers. But here are the highlights:


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