Live streaming is becoming more and more popular at the moment. A simple USB camera is fine for small hosts, but not for large-scale Games or sporting events So how do we go live with a good pan-tilt camera?

Now RTMP push stream is becoming more and more popular, more people and platforms use RTMP to push stream, so it is necessary to support RTMP push stream live Webcam with cloud, so it is very convenient And the data processing is fairly simple, so how do we use the pan-tilt conference camera for the RTMP Push Stream?

First you need to support the RTMP meeting camera, usually with a network of the meeting camera can support RTMP. Then you need to support the RTMP live platform, the current Alibaba Cloud, Baidu live, Betta Live and Youtube are supporting RTMP, let's use youtube as an example


1.Sign up for a Youtube Account

2. After logging on to Youtube, click the left mouse button and select "Creator Studio" in the red area, as follows:

Enter the "Creator Studio" interface, as shown below, select "LIVE SHOWS"-"Start LIVE" to enter the "Start LIVE" interface

Scroll down to see "CODE SETTING, " as shown in the image below

Access the camera IP through the web page and log in with "RTMP Setting" on the Network interface, as shown below

Click "show" in the image above to display "Live broadcast name / Code" as shown below

Copy and paste the Server URL and Live broadcast name / Code from the image above into the camera's MRL, check On, Video, Audio (you can select Audio if you want) , and then "Apply, " as shown below

Make sure the DNS address in Lan settings is available outside the network. If not, change the DNS address and apply, as shown below

Go to "System" on the camera page, select "Reboot" and verify that the device is rebooted

Once the camera is up, go to the Youtube live interface and refresh the interface to preview the camera pushing the RTMP stream, as shown below