8 Ball Pool: Blackball vs World Rules

In this video Gareth Potts talks us through the key differences between Blackball and World rules, for 8 ball pool. In 2013 the IPA Tour has changed over to Blackball rules, so the tactical differences will be interesting to watch.

Gareth refers to the Chinese 8 Ball format, which Stephen Hendry has left Snooker to join. Gareth won the first Chinese 8 Ball Tournament, played in January 2013. For more details see our blog: http://www.homeleisuredirect.com/blog/pool/Gareth-Potts-wins-Chinese-8-Ball-Masters.html

Gareth also compares these two sets of rules to the Chinese 8 Ball rules which he played when winning the International Chinese 8 Ball Masters competition in January 2013 – he feels these are the best combination of rules, removing the element of fluke from the game.

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